Tribute to Bunker the Dog

I wanted to take a special moment today to remember one of our best friends. Such that dog is man’s best friend, this dog was  Tammy’s best friend. Yesterday, after almost a month of fighting for his life, we lost Bunker. He was a spunky tough dog that walked many a mile with Tammy in her fight against MS. He was the cutest puppy, as proven by his incredible victory in Hollywood as the “Worlds Cutest Puppy”. Bunker wasn’t just another dog, he was a ray of hope in our lives during a time of struggle when it seemed there was no hope. I, Seth, traveled halfway across the country to pickup our bunker when he was just a pup, and then drove him out to Scottsdale to meet his new owner. We even took bunker with us to Las Vegas to celebrate Raquel’s 21st Birthday. This is how much he meant to us. He will forever be with us in our hearts, as we remember all the hope and joy he brought to our family when we needed it the most.

In Memory of Bunker Flosi (2006-2010)

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