Disneyland Trip

The 28th and 29th of August, our family took a trip to Disneyland. Its been the first real vacation for our family since Jason was born. It was exhausting for me as Jason wanted “daddy” to take him everywhere.

We visited the park for 2 days nearly all day long both days. On day 1 we took a ride on Nemo Ride, watched a 3D movie, saw the worlds most advanced robot which can now run about 4 miles per hour! We continued to ride everything else in the Future Land and then took a tram and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. After going and taking a break at the hotel, we went back to Downtown Disney and ate at the ESPN zone. They have a giant arcade upstairs that we played in for a while before we headed back to disneyland. It was dark when we finally got back inside the gates, and we went straight to “It’s a Small World” that had Jason humming the tune all the way to Adventure Land where we stopped to watch the “Fantasmic” show over the lake. We took Jason on Pirates and the Jungle Ride before we called it a night.

Disney_Micky_2009_3 On Day 2 we headed straight to toon town where we started with the Roger Rabit Ride and then got pictures taken with the Disney crew, including Jason’s favorite, Mickey Mouse. He saw Goofey and Pluto too and amazingly didn’t mind getting his picture taken with any of them. We played around toon town for a while and then it was about 100 degrees out so we stopped for a some Frozen Lemonade. It was so hot we had to stop on our way to lunch and go in a ride just to feel the AC. We ate some Pizza and went back to the Hotel to rest for a couple of hours.

We had a lot of ground to cover when we came back to Disney because we wanted to see the shows and rides at Disney Adventure. As soon as we got inside the Pixar Parade was starting where we got to see toons from the Pixar films play, dance, and shoot water into the crowd. We had front row seats, it was great. Unfortunately, Mator the character from Cars was big and loud. Its Jason’s favorite Cars character but he was incredibly scared of the Giant mator.

Disney_Carstens_2009 We went and saw the Monsters Inc ride which Jason seemed to love even though he has never seen the movie. We continued to see all the attractions in Hollywood section of Disney Adventure and then I picked up a fastpass to Hollywood Hotel of Horror, and got our picture taken. We got to see another 3D movie, “A Bugs Life” which Raquel and I have funny picture from our previous Disney Adventuretrip. Since Raquel doesn’t much care for the scary rides, her and JB grabbed a hotdog while I when for a crazy ride back at the Hollywood Hotel. We finished up the park be walking around to the Farris Wheel and seeing the parks from the 300 feet!

We rushed back over to Disneyland just in time to get a decent spot to see “Fantasmic” again, but left early when Jason literally asked “Down please…Bye Bye Mickie, night night time… Mommy Push Jason…”. We were stopped by a crowd of literally thousands waiting to see the fireworks show and managed to sneak into a spot where we had a great view of the show. Jason thought they were stars and as amazing as they were, he was spent and fell asleep only moment after he was in his stroller heading back to the “Vacation Room” as he calls it. A truly amazing trip, I can’t wait to have fun with him again next year.

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